Summertime Sourdough


Whole Wheat Sourdough – August 12, 2014

So, I looked in the fridge at my old sourdough starter and thought…”Well, okay. It’s been a few weeks. Let’s see about it…” So I went crazy.

I’ve been reading a lot of bread bloggery of late, and have become enchanted with the practice of supercharging a starter before growing a leaven. So, I took out my years old, trusted, all white starter, scooped out a cup, and added 100g of flour and 100g of water. Four hours later, I removed a cup and refreshed with 50:50g. Four hours later…50:50g.

By Jove, that starter was going NUTS.

I continued that for another day, and then, finally, pulled out a mere tablespoonful of starter to make the leaven. The leaven comprised the little bit of supercharged starter, 200g of water, 100g of unbleached bread flour, and 100g of whole wheat flour.

Twelve hours later, the leaven passed the float test. And the dough progressed perfectly.

I don’t have a “combo set-up” like Chad of Tartine. So I used a cast iron skillet and a big ol soup pot as a lid. I heated the oven and the pans to 500 degrees, pulled out the soup pot and threw in some boiling water – which danced gloriously – dropped the risen boule into the skillet, and covered it with the still wet hot pot.

Really great bread.

The leaven was put together at 9am, and we had that bread for supper, with ribollito. If I had given it a long cool rise, I’m sure the bread would have had more of a tang…but it was just sour enough. And the texture is out of this world.

Here are a couple more shots:


The dough on its 3rd fold




Another shot of the crust


What a rise!



Tom has requested this as our daily bread.


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3 thoughts on “Summertime Sourdough

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  2. This bread looks sooooooo delicious!!! I am going to have to seriously look into this and give it a try. I don’t know if I’ve seen a more beautiful sourdough anywhere!!! Mouthwatering!!

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