Yellah for TDF Day 2 and 3

1 07 2013


Natural Dyes and Gulf Coast Native Lambswool

Not much to say. This is a few ounces of lambswool dyed with coreopsis (the most orangey balls), marigold (the “med yellow” balls), and dog fennel (the pale yellow ball). I pulled the roving from small batts.



2 responses

2 07 2013
Kim Sheffield

Hello! I’m a friend of Lenore’s and she called you for me about the twins you have for sale. I’m working on it! I’d love to have them. When I looked at your blog and saw that baby in his sweater I knew I had to buy lambs from you. I knit sweaters for my Nigerian Dwarf Goats, make my own goat milk soap, and really would love to buy those darling twins ASAP! I’m saving right now because July and August are bad months for Yarn Shops.

Hope to meet you soon.

2 07 2013

Hi Kim! They are so beautiful. I’ll snap a couple pics – if it EVER stops raining!!! Really beautiful. I didn’t have them sheared…and I tell ya, their fleece is going to be outstanding. I’ll see if I can get a good shot. Cheers!

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