Avocado Dyed Gulf Coast Native Fleece


Avocado Dye

Okay okay. That’s a quart of avocado dye, an ounce or so of Gulf Coast Mary fleece, mordanted with alum and no final pH shift. C’mon, I just had too little dye for the amount of fiber in the dyepot. Did standard hour long simmers in mordant and in dye. Cooldown. Rinse. Ehn. Frankly, I get better color from Virginia Creeper…without all the waiting and cooking and waiting and so on. To be fair, I’ll need to dig up a gallon jar and pack it with avocado skins. For now though…I’ll try one more small dyepot…and pH shift with ammonia or soda. Another day. This is rainy season. Enough said.





Nekked Mary and the Golden Hennies

We were sheared on Saturday. Phew.  Summertime haircuts. A bit late this year (by a couple of months) but finally, finally, done.

So…Mary’s fleece, the silky lurvley stuff it is, is wrapped, unskirted, in a sheet. Like the rest of the 2013 fleeces.

Now, Mary’s fleece, because it is so special, is a constant temptation. I hold it out like a carrot. Last year’s Mary fleece is still in the bag. Well, most of it. I’m soaking some right this minute. The mordant pot is ready. The avocado dye is ready, too. Time has come to get crankin’ on fiber, remodel project or not.

Let’s go charge the camera battery!