March Sheep



The ewes are penned overnight, and have their breakfast there. They were all chewing lustily, smiling at me – what a great picture! So, I ran in the house, snagged my camera, had to erase the card, and by the time I got back to the brunch…they’d finished off most of the hay and were more interested in finding “good stuff” that had fallen to the ground. Gah.


The Lineup

L-R: Holly, Mary, Dolly, Annie, Rosie. Out of frame on the left is Sally. Lily is hopping around at her own hay pile.


Jesse Watching Brunch

Actually, he stood on this side of the fence and had some hay while his sisters and aunts munched.


Holly & Dolly – Mama and Youngest Daughter

Holly & Dolly are still peas in a pod. Holly’s ready to lamb again, though, so it’ll be a misery for Dolly real soon. When Holly had Dolly & Raymond, Mary was brokenhearted. These days, though, even though Mary has her own little ol’ Lily, she and Dolly hang around with their maaa …


Eduardo & Lacey

Oh, and here’s a pic of a rooster whom I’ve yet to introduce. His name is Eduardo Santiago. He is a Black Minorca, terribly handsome, and quite fierce. He doesn’t like me going near “his” hennies, because I pick up their eggs. Oh well. He and Gouveia run parts of the Araucana flock. It’s a tough job being a roo. See the middle point of his hat? Yes it’s gone. Ow.

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