It’s Tuesday Again! Off to Finland!


Finnish Pulla Bread

Everyone knows I’m a bread nut. Flour water yeast  & I’m good to go. Anytime. At all. Add butter and eggs? Oh ho ho. You got me, Baby.

This recipe is the 2nd monthly bakealong recipe from Baking with Julia on the Tuesdays with Dorie blog. The richness of this bread, loaded with butter and a couple eggs that were pulled warm, from the nest, seconds before being added, is seriously over the moon. Not just the top. The. Moon.

My #1 taster is not home yet, so the bread remains uncut, waiting. I am going crazy with the smell.

I crushed seeds from about 15 green cardamom pods for the teaspoon of spice the recipe requires. Penzey’s is my friend. What an aroma. Organic almonds and little shards of sugar, strewn across the glaze, smell so incredibly appealing that I have had to take a very long walk to stop myself from plunging in face first.

Yes, I’m a bread nut. I haven’t met a dough I don’t love. And I’m also the mom of Jam Baby Jam, which is sort of known for homegrown fruit jams and ginger jams and marmalades. This bread is screaming “Gimme a smear of grapefruit-ginger!” But I don’t have any – til tomorrow. Gonna have to settle for pear-ginger. Maybe the pear-ginger conserve. That has bits of chewy pecan and orange…oh yes. Oh yes.

Come home, taster! The bread is still warm!

5 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday Again! Off to Finland!

  1. I hear ya about bread. Love it! Your wreath looks wonderful. Cardamom is now my new best friend. The aroma and flavour it imparts on this bread is amazing. Keep on bakin’!

  2. This one was a hard one to let cool – the aroma made me want to cut into it immediately. Luckily, I was taking it to a meeting later, so I was able to refrain.

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