TDF – Bumps

Spiral Plying

Here we have a delicious combination. Cranberry Moon Farms’ BFL plied with RanMar Alpaca. Totally easy. Totally dramatic. Soft and gorgeous.

Left – Stack Traps ~ Alpaca and Cotton and Right – Stacks – Gulf Coast Native and Alpaca

Oh those Stack Traps! Two animals, two blankets from RanMar Alpacas, one brown one tan, plied together trapping natural brown and natural green cotton from Dove’s Roost Farm. Oh. Gorgeous.

On the right…Gulf Coast Sammy, spun in the grease, with RanMar Alpacas Lance stacking up!

Left – Coils 2-ply Gulf Coast with Alpaca and Mohair Coils, and on the Right…Bright Red Supercoils

Oh COILS! Rockin! Oh Supercoils – Red is so not photogenic!

Coils Ahhhh

So, this was the Bumps chapter. And I have to say, these cool and fancy yarns are coming off the wheel as balanced as can be. Anchors are pretty much effortless. And I’ve come up with some interesting ideas of my very own. But, for now, I’m sticking to the game plan, and going yarn-by-yarn, through spin art.

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