Thick & Thin and Beehives

Thick & Thin in Natural Gulf Coast “Mary” ~ Beehives of Blue “Holly” and Yellow Silk on Thick & Thin Mary/Sally

Okay okay. A few little skeins…about 25 yards each. On the top, a thick & thin yarn spun from lambswool. The “thicks” being quite fuzzy, as Mary is a very fuzzy girl. The solid yellow yarn is soft as silk, because it is, however this is not a useable yarn. There is not enough structural integrity in the “thicks” because they are dreadfully underspun. Soft and pettable, but hardly knittable. The tri-color yarn is natural Gulf Coast, Corriedale dyed with coreopsis (pale orange), and indigo dyed Gulf Coast “Holly.” The beehive yarn ultimately takes just a bit more time and fuss than the cocoon yarn in the last post. I’d love to see the beehive yarn knit up. Yes I would.

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