TDF Day #3 – Tornado!

First Tornados Spun on Ramona

Tornado Number 1

Tornado Attempt Number 2

Jacey Boggs says that the Tornado is a fiddly spin. And she speaks the truth. It’s a slow going yarn to make, uses a ton of material, and in the end? It’s pretty darn cool!

For my first attempt, I used blue Corriedale roving, unearthed from a bag of acid dyed fiber that I prepped about 30 years ago. No, no joke! Ha! For the triple singles wrap, I used a spindlespun indigo dyed Gulf Coast, a 2nd Gulf Coast yarn spun from space dyed roving, and a rough lumpy bumpy tweed singles. The yarn is pretty cool looking, but handling 3 singles, “shuffling” them onto the core, well…that wasn’t working out. I was autowrapping them, more or less. And really wanted to try to get that random loopiness.

So, Tornado Number 2 was born. For this yarn, I used a naked Corrie roving as the core, and 2 of the 3 singles wraps I used for the first yarn. I replaced the rough tweed singles with a rayon ribbon yarn. And this time, I shuffled. It was like fingerpainting wearing rubber gloves. At first. But, there came a point…and the switch flipped, and ka-boom…I was building a tornado!!!

These little skeins are simply experiments. To be really proficient, all I would have to do is sit and spin – for a good stretch of time. What I am doing, though, is finding out. I’m spinning long enough to Find Out if these yarns are yarns in which to invest myself. And what I’m finding out is that, yes, I do believe there is a future for textured yarns in my studio.

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