TDF Day 2 – Autowrap

First Attempt at Autowrap

Gulf Coast w Carbonized Bamboo “Core” with Autowrap of Blue Mohair

Look at this little skein. 14 yards of Autowrap. I’m pretty happy with the results, even though I need a lot of practice to make the autowrap I see in my mind’s eye.

This yarn is a little trickier to spin than the Racing Stripe. I spin on a Fricke, which has a Delta orifice. Part of the charm of this yarn is the true abandon with which it’s spun. With a Delta orifice, or in fact, with any “outie,” the spinning is done in a more careful manner, using a finger to control that which is just left to let fly on other wheels.

Nevertheless, this was an enjoyable bit of work. But honestly? I can’t wait to spin a Tornado!!!! So…see ya later…

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