Button Button who’s got the Button?

Mahogany Buttons for Oatmeal Cardi

Alright, I know. Be careful what you wish for…or for what you wish. I wished for sweater weather, rather than sweatful weather. And, I got it!

Today, Oatmeal Cardi was given the chance to go to work, do its job, you know, be worn. But, I still hadn’t figured out the buttons. So, Tom gave me some slices of wood, cherry, mahogany, and maple, and said, “Go to town.” I did. I messed around for awhile, carving ovals, curvy rectangles, and all manner of awful things. Finally, I settled on some scooped corner mahogany squares, edges broken just enough to be smooth, and big enough to stay buttoned.

That’s them. Up there in the picture. Still unfinished, but tomorrow’s another day. They’ll be a dark red, lovely mahogany.

Oatmeal Modelling Raw Buttons

Well, so far, none of the darn photos show the red alpaca in the knit. I think that when the buttons are finish coated, and their color is vibrant, the red in the yarn will pop. A little bit. I hope.

So, that’s all I had time for today. Crazily enough. The twins are getting big and they aren’t napping so much, so Maa and Pa have to be out there spending time with the teeny lumpkins. Oh, I did have time for one more thing…


This is a recipe on which to found an empire. What’s in these muffins? Coconut, oats, tangerine, blueberries, the neighbors’ honey. And this and that, the stuff that unforgettableizes them.


Time to give ba-bas to the babies.


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