Farm Update

Annie & Rosie Hanging with Gramma in the Yard

“Practice” Grazing on the Mulch Pile

My little doll babies have doubled in weight in 2 weeks. Very happy, well adjusted, and sociable – with us and with the flock. Their big brother Curly Lumpkin lurves them and comes into the barn at night to hang around and eat hay and gaze upon them while they get their ba-bas.

Young BJ (Blackie Jr.) son of Blackie-Blackie and Black Betty

BJ and his brother BJ2 are about 4 months old and spittin images of their pop when he was a lad. One major difference…their legs are yellow, Blackie-Blackie and Black Betty both have greenish black legs.  Can’t wait to see them matured.

Lucky, a Young “Florida Bred” Roo

Lucky is the only roo we kept of the Breds hatched last summer. The rest went to freezer camp. Look at him, and you can see why. Even the roos of this cross have broad breasts. Lovely. Lovely chickens. Great layers, big & gentle, and look at this guy. Really pretty animals!

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