And then…there were two

bottle babies Annie (bot) and Rosie (top)

Okay. That’s it. Sally has made it clear that she wanted to put her other twin in foster care. So, we now have twin ewe lambs Annie and Rosie sharing a big ol dog crate in the living room. We spend as much time as we can outside, but the rain came and now we’re enjoying confinement.

Here you see Tom, pulled away from his carving, to hold the new grandlamb while feeding Annie. He has the animal magnetism in the family.

Sally is okay. I’ve massaged her nether parts with bag balm, but, she’ll have none of the feeding stuff. Frankly, I wouldn’t want a tiny lamb suckling on me, either…their baby teeth are like razor blades. We’ll try to milk her later on…I’m sure that won’t go over terribly well either. Yesterday, we introduced the bottle to Rosie, with Sally’s approval. She seemed quite happy that we were taking the pressure off her. We fed Rosie with the ba-ba this morning again, after Sally took off and left her – for an hour. Then, Rosie found Sally, and she followed her around for a little while, lay down beside her, and fell asleep. Sally then got up, went into the barn, and I swear, she was hiding. Rosie cried and cried and called and cried. She wandered all over the barnyard, but didn’t go into the barn. Sally didn’t respond with a single baa. Still, we encouraged them to be together. She tolerated the lamb for five minutes, that was it. And she “runn oft,” leaving Rosie with Holly & Mary, who don’t want any part of her. When the rain came, and that teeny little girl was standing in the middle of nowhere all by herself crying, we intervened.

2 thoughts on “And then…there were two

  1. Love your pictures of your two little ones! What beautiful breed that is. Never heard of it before. How is the wool like?

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