Rosie & Bing

Little ol’ Rosie

The Pose o’ Rose

Big Brother Bing

Rosie is little, but I swear she’s one heavy lambkin! I don’t want to flip Sally (her momma) out, so I’m leaving her alone. But, I’m itching to weigh her. She’s shorter than Annie, but solid as a rock. Those poor little ears. She’s the first sheep born here to have droopy ears. Maybe they’ll perk up. I hope so. She looks so, so…concerned.

Bing. The elusive Mister Bing. He, with his twin brother Curly Lumpkin, will be a year old next Friday. He is the biggest member of the flock, with about 40 pounds on his poppa Sammy and his brother Curly. We were very worried about his horns. They grow pretty fast. Last June, they were just starting the upward curve at his jaw. Then we had several months of daily measuring, wondering if we were going to have to cut his horns back. We were afraid he would lose his right eye. They came THAT close to his face. I could just get my little finger between the horn and the cheek, and it seemed like it would never turn out. But it did. Then, he cracked his poppa on the side of the head, hitting him in the horn and eye, and fracturing his skull. Sammy is still trying valiantly to recover. Now, Bing is out of the woods, and even he seems relieved now that his horns have grown past his eyes. He’s much less cranky. No, really!

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