First Knit of the Year

A big fat pair of mitts. Note the color scheme. Now, note the color of my glasses. Yeah, how about that. I was halfway through before I realized I was knitting to match my eyewear.

This yarn is a worsted weight singles, corriedale, spindle spun. Twisted rib. Pretty much a plain vanilla 32 stitch fingerless glove. Wanted something long enough to cover my wrists.

Oh, the tan yarn was dyed with black tea. The brown, I can’t even remember. Some bark or other. Multi accent fluff is marigold dyed border leicester/coreopsis dyed GC/grey GCNI.

NaKniMitMo and 112 in 2012. Rah.


Hello 2012!

Dead of Winter Pasture

Dobie & Pearl

First of the Year in a Cloud

Oakey Tunnel

Lower Winter Pasture

Coco Papi & Teddy

Yeah, it’s 75 this Afternoon

So it’s 2012. Alright. Okay.

Pictures above were taken this afternoon. There’s a thin yellow sun, but the ol’ Olympus really didn’t care to share that fact. Looks just plain ol cloudy and raw. But…it’s not raw at all. Mid 70’s with a light offshore breeze. Not bad.

Some of the sheep are out on the pasture, finding anything green, maybe some hay on the hoof, blackberry leaves, I’m sure. Some of them are close in. Miss Holly and her lamb Mary are grazing the new rye around the gardens.

Chickens are all over creation. Charry Brown went to heaven this week, so the dynamic has changed. Up above, you see Coco Papi and Teddy. The 3rd Roosketeer, Buzzy, aka the House Roo, was, at the time of the photo, wooing Black Betty in the henhouse. Tried to get a shot but they balked. The Teeny Tinies were running around near the Hay House in the pasture. The Teenies are hunting near the sky blue barn.

I’m recording the weather for a conceptual knitting piece. Like a diary of color & texture. Not an original idea. There are a couple groups making scarves and quilts and what have you on Ravelry.

Bread of the day is Whole Wheat Molasses with Caraway Seed. Oh, you want a picture?