Illuminine Begun

Illuminine on the Needles

Well, after a solid week of intensive sheep care, I’m taking a day off – or rather, I’m giving Sam the Ram a day off. He’s holding his own. The sky has opened and we’re getting a good deal of much needed rain. I need to knit.

And so, I’m knitting. Tell you what. I’ve never before knit a kit. But, I won this one, and by golly, I’m knitting ‘er up. This is a lovely pattern, lovely yarn, thanks to NaKniMitMo (a Ravelry group), designer SpillyJane, and Carol Sunday’s yarn. I like the pattern, am enjoying the knitting, but darn, I’m not all that excited about the colors.

A good gray is hard to blend. I know about that. This gray is not a good gray. The red? Alright by itself, but beside the gray, something odd goes on in my brain. The blues, I like. I like the blues. But not against the gray. It’s the darn gray.

All that crabbiness aside, this is a good day to knit. Even though I have a commission for a whole pile of laceweight, I need something brainless, something that doesn’t matter. Too many things matter too much sometimes, you know?

Tomorrow is another day, baby.

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