Tom’s Big Basin Socks


Big Basin Socks

After a long hibernation in the UFO basket, I decided to finish Tom’s Big Basin socks. They were set aside during that looooooooooooooong project, Tom’s Gracie Sweater. I’m so happy. Now they’re on his feet. Hoo. Rah. 😉


A Light Note

Lumpy Bumpy Finnsheep 2-Ply

Here’s a non-GC yarn. I received a bit of a Finn fleece during a fleece study awhile back. Here’s some spinning with the crimp. The yarn has 2 plies, one smooth (from rolags) ply, and one spun tail to tip (from locks). This isn’t a fabulous picture, but the yarn is amazing. Buttery soft, luscious, and I’d love a sweater, a next-to-skin sweater, knit from this. Unfortunately, I have only 4 ounces.