Not my Yarns

Tom’s Big Basin Socks

I think I cast on in 2008. Don’t quote me. But, if you’re really diligent, or curious, or both, you could track me down on Ravelry and look at my Projects page. There you would find it. The cast-on date.

Embarrassing sorta. Then again, getting a UFO offa my neck is a good thing. Besides, Tom needs a pair of green socks.

The yarn is Fleece Artist. It’s alright, if you like handpainted Merino. I’m a natural kind of girl. But, this is quite lovely.

The Illuminine Mittens Kit

I won this kit on New Years Eve, one of the all time distressing nights. Our brakes locked up and melted on the way to play a dance. Nothing like carrying around a ton of sound gear, guitars, fiddles, and a mandolin and being stranded  an hour from home.

But, synchronicities abound in my life. On that evening, while I was full of agita, my number was being drawn by Mr Random Number Generator on NaKniMitMo…a group on Ravelry…sole purpose of which is to knit mittens!  And what having my number come up meant was that a stranded mitten kit was coming my way! (See that? Stranded attracted Stranded?)

The pattern, Illuminine is by spillyjane of spillyjane knits, and the yarn is by Sunday Knits. Yum yum yum. So, I need to unlock a set of #2 dpns from another WIP so that I can…yep…cast on!

That’s all folks.

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