Bread of the Day

Sourdough Crusted Pie

What do you do with that cup of sourdough starter that is pulled off when it’s starter feeding time? I hate to throw that cup of stuff away.

Doesn’t this crust look edible? Well, as Curly would say, it is. Not the most amazing pizza ever baked, but the crust is…just so good! Snappy, tender, and mildly sour, not aggressive. Actually, I was thinking that maybe I should slip in a pinch of rye sour next time.


First Knit of the Year

A big fat pair of mitts. Note the color scheme. Now, note the color of my glasses. Yeah, how about that. I was halfway through before I realized I was knitting to match my eyewear.

This yarn is a worsted weight singles, corriedale, spindle spun. Twisted rib. Pretty much a plain vanilla 32 stitch fingerless glove. Wanted something long enough to cover my wrists.

Oh, the tan yarn was dyed with black tea. The brown, I can’t even remember. Some bark or other. Multi accent fluff is marigold dyed border leicester/coreopsis dyed GC/grey GCNI.

NaKniMitMo and 112 in 2012. Rah.