The Chicks at Dove’s Roost

Broody One and her first Chick

…and her second Chick

Black Betty Donating to Broody Two

Broody Three in the new Maternity Wing of the Coop

Dobie and Pearl Cuddling in the Sun

Dobie & Pearl

What do we have here? Three more broody hens, the first of which started collecting eggs on September 25. Broody One is setting on a variety of eggs, a couple more Black Betty (Australorps) eggs and half a dozen Buff O/RI Red eggs. Broody Two is on mostly Buff O eggs, and a Black Betty egg or two. Broody Three is on RI Red/Partridge Rock eggs – some bantam crosses. This is all very exciting. But our smiles are tempered with solemnity, as Charry Brown, our last RI Red Roo, is now in Sick Bay, the victim of a weird infection that has caused him to lose his mobility. He’s being attended by a couple of hennies who refuse to leave his side. The Buff O roos, Coco Poppy, Teddy, and Buzzy, have tried their hands at attacking and finishing off Charry, so we’re keeping him safe and letting him go in peace.

Dobie and Pearl are the two little hennies that hatched on the porch a few weeks ago. They’re inseparable, and have been befriended only by Lazarus, the teenaged Buff/Red roo who we revived. They are afraid of the big flocks of adults and the big flock of teenagers. Hopefully, they can fit in with some of the new hatchlings.

PS What glorious weather! The fall garden is almost all in, and almost all up! Life is good.

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