Mary the Chicken.

Chicken Lambess

Well. I was summoned by Holly…She was standing at the back of the Buff Orpington house baaa baaaaaaaaing her head off. She does this, well, quite often. She does this whenever Mary is out of sight.

As you know, Mary was born on the 11th of September. So she’s a few hours past 2 weeks old. She has become, as her mother and Aunt Sally were…uh, are…a caution. To say the least. She runs ahead of her mama, or as soon as Holly puts her head down to eat, Mary grows lateral thrusters that carry her hundreds of yards from her mama, all the while remaining just out of sight. Poor Holly.

At any rate, Holly was baaaaaaaaa!ing and I went out to investigate. Nope. No Mary. She wasn’t hanging around the pasture fence flirting with Bing and Sam. (Her cousin and papa are completely enchanted by her royal adorableness.) She wasn’t hanging around Tom’s tablesaw. She wasn’t under the house, or climbing the canoe, or finding mischief in my laundry basket.

I had a feeling.

Went into the Buff’s chicken coop. And there she was. Silent. Neatly folded. Smiling a little. “What?” Yeah, that kind of face. Her mama was 3 feet away, right behind the coop, and was panicked and terrified, and the little toady wouldn’t even baa a single baa in reply.

We’re in for a wild ride with this goofball, yep.

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