Day No. 8 at Mary’s House

Mary’s Guardians

Teddy, Checking my Credentials

Composed, Eight Days Old

Laughing at my Corny Joke

Well, I’ve given you a couple days off. That doesn’t mean I’ve not been falling madlier in love with this lambess, though. Anyway, thought I’d catch you up with a couple pictures taken this afternoon.

First off…here’s the typical scene…Holly & Mary hanging out doing mama – daughter things, and The Sentinels…Coco (front) and Teddy (back) ensuring peace in the barnyard. See, those dudes are her playbuddies…or playbutties, as the case may be. She practices butting those guys…and they take it! They act all offended and spin around…but they never threaten to peck her, or anything close to that. They are in loooooove with Mary.

Second picture shows what happens when an intruder invades The Space. This is Teddy…coming over to me, His Mom, and saying, “Step away from the baby, please.”

Third up…why, that would be Mary. Just plain Mary.

And the last picture shows her laughing. I mean. I had just put a fistful of peanut hay down for her mama, and I was making goo goo eyes and being silly and tickling her…so…she laughed. I swear. She said, “Haaaaaaaaaa!” No kidding!

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