Day 4 in Life o Mary (or Mother’s Day all Over)

Taking a Break while Mama Browses

First Field Trip – Up to the Woodpile

Giselle and her Brood – Half In, Half Out

Giselle, aka She Who Loves a Footbath, and Half her Brood

Well, it’s quite the wonderful wild Mother’s Day kinda ride around here!

From the top…Little ol’ Mary really likes Dog Fennel. Her mama and auntie loved dog fennel when they were lambs too. It’s tender and resiny. What do I know? This is also one of her favorite spots to sit outside the corral, while Holly grazes – right near her old knitting Gramma…uhhh, me.

In the 2nd picture, Holly decided to take Mary for a walk yesterday afternoon, up to the woodpile. It’s close to the house. She’s not taking any risks…going out into the open where a hawk or a fox might take an interest. Cool that the hennys come along for the walk. They do sort of follow the sheep around…which is perfect…keeps the bugs down, if you know what I mean.

Picture #3 shows the ol’ chicken tractor…the blue end cut from an old dance floor. Half the chicks are in and half are out with Giselle. This was taken right before the marauding roosters ran over to try to have their way with Giselle. Smitty and I shooed them off.

And in the 4th shot…Giselle is back in character. She’s the henny who had a foot problem a couple months ago. I took her in the house and bathed her feet and put medicine between her toes. Before she went all broody on us, she would come in the dog door and walk right into the bathroom and get in the sink…demanding to have her feet tended. Well…looks like this henny knows that if your feet feel good, your head feels good. Notice that great big chick? That is the ONLY one out of 14 who has this kind of size. Wouldn’t it be something if that were the only roo in the bunch?!

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