Mary’s Third Day on Planet Earth

Stepping onto the Grass for the first Time

Don’t You Want Grass?

Mmm. This Pusley IS Pretty Good!

Browsing Lesson

Full Bellies

This morning, I took Holly an ear of Hickory King. When I got to the paddock, both Mama and Mary were up and ready for action. I’ve been cutting long grass for Holly for 2 days, keeping them confined for bonding, and for their protection.  I stood there with my scissors, considering.

Just so happened, Smitty was standing on the porch. I waved him a hi-5, and he lay down on the top step. I opened the gate and invited Holly out, to do some browsing on her own. She thought about it for a minute, then came out and aimed for a big sprawling Florida pusley. Mary didn’t consider coming out, rather stepped to the fence, put her head out, and called her Maaa. Holly walked over to her and talked to her, softly, for a minute, then walked back to the pusley. Mary came right out, and that was that. Holly browsing, Mary trying to eat that big old green stuff, and then walking over to the built in milk-mobile for a drink.

I set up a chair right outside the corral, where I could sip my tea, knit on a Hitchhiker, and keep an eye on my girls. They didn’t go far from me at all. After about an hour, they came right over to where I was sitting, and lay down beside me. A hawk flew over, screaming, and Holly stood up, right over Mary. Pretty cool. Peaceful, quiet morning. Chickens pecking and clucking, a light breeze in the pines. I couldn’t believe it when the mailman drove up to the mailbox. After noon. Wow. Time flies when you’re in love.

2 thoughts on “Mary’s Third Day on Planet Earth

    • Thank you! I knew she would be a great mommy. She’s always been an affectionate sheepess. Let me pet her. When she lost her 2 babies last winter, she was so depressed. It was terrible. This new life is so wonderful!

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