A Contented Pair

Anyone who has raised a bummer lamb can appreciate this photograph. To see this maternal instinct, to see this bonding, to see this love is heartwarming to say the least. Here’s to Holly on Day 2!

The Dollbaby

Come Over Here Young Lady

Mary Has Sammy’s Forehead

Just Two Girls Going Out for a Drink

Oh Sure, Take My Picture Now

Day 2 in the life of Mary the Dollbaby. I have to admit. I was up all night. Full moon. Brought the rest of the flock in from the main pasture, but kept them in “the yard” out of the dry lot. Let Holly and Mary have the corral to themselves. Lovely. Lovely lovely. The flock laying in the grass, glowing.  And Holly standing guard over Mary, beaming.

This morning…the gang was eager to get to their pasture. And Holly and Mary are just chilling, recharging. Mary is much more steady on her long legs. Holly is relaxed. I brought some supplements to Holly, which she took, without much grumping. And for a treat, I gave her an ear of Hickory King. THAT did it…Mr Appetite kicked into gear. So…she plowed through 1/4 bale of hay like it was nothin’. I went to my secret stash…and cut some long grass…and she just lurved that.  As she munched, Mary nursed. Then they hit the water laced with molasses. “Every Body is Happy!” as Curly would say.

Later on I may let Holly and Mary out in the yard…plenty of long grass that hasn’t been grazed. We shall see. *Yawn*