Meet our 9/11 Bundle of Joy!

Holly and her little Ewe Lamb

She Knows just what to Do

The Buffs Came in To Do some Housekeeping

What a Big Girl!

Noticing the Dog?

One Happy Sheepess!

After last winter’s lambing nightmare, we were advised never to breed Holly again. And we tried to keep her away from Sammy the Ram, but, one day last April, we went out to the paddock, only to find it empty. Holly was out on the pasture with Sammy. And here we are. Five months later. No calcemia. No toxemia. Perfectly healthy and beautiful mama and baby. Oh sure, I did give her a syringe of calcium now and then, and some Vit A too. But, she delivered this little darlin ewe lamb with no complications. All 8.5 pounds of her! Of course, I can’t stop taking pictures, or warbling to them. Or fussing. Giving vitamins. Dipping umbilical. Fuss fuss fuss. I love this!

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