Tour de Fleece – Day 12 thru 16

Artie Picked Locks!

Well, she didn’t actually pick them. Artemis, our crone Kitty, knows a good thing. I spent hours picking cedar tree needles out of this GCN, and she said – “SOFT!” She’s right. Now, I have to spin it. This is going on to the same bobbin. Same bobbin of laceweight singles. In other words…the never ending bobbin. 14,000 yards at least by now. I’ve been spinning every day, I HAVE! Really! Just wasn’t worth taking a picture showing yet one more micron of fiber. HA!

Tomorrow is a rest day. I’m undecided. Maybe I’ll take it. Maybe not. We shall see. I’ll tell you one thing, though. When this bobbin is filled…I’m gonna spin a big fat colorful yarn. Oh yeah.