In the Lower Field

Hey, oh hey, Maaaaa, you decide about the ba-ba yet?

Ohhhh, I looooove you Maaa.

Well, Smitty & I went down to the field to make sure there was plenty of water for the sheep. And Curly…well, he’d overheard the conversation about…shhhhh…weaning him. His brother Bing is still plowing into Sally’s udder, and she lets him nurse a little now and then…so, we’ve let Curly have his ba-ba. But…we’re at the tail end of a bag of Sav-a-Lam, and it does seem to me to be the perfect time to stop. Tom, though, ahhhhhhh. See, Curly still sleeps in the barn, because his mother still creams him with her horns at every opportunity. Tom feels so bad for him. We’ve tried to provide as much comfort and love as possible…and the ba-ba has been a huge factor. Arrrrrrh. I don’t know.

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