Holly Delivers Twins! WHOO HOO!

Holly’s First Twin

Toxemia and ketosis be damned. She did it! Two weeks of syringes full of vitamins and calcium and yogurt and sugars. Her appetite came back. She learned to love orange Gatorade. And she got ready to be a mama.

Today we were miles away, in Palatka, playing at the Rally for the Rivers festival. We got home at dusk. I tucked in the 3 henhouses. Didn’t want to go to the barn and see Holly laying there looking bummed. But I did go to the barn, and when I looked in the window…I did a double take…and a triple take. Tom was with me. He said it first. It really didn’t even register with me. Holly had her twins! All four lambs were running around the barn. Sally was laying down eating hay. Holly was standing at the far end looking stunned. Her smaller lamb baaaaed, and she set about licking him again. He was still wet and sticky, but standing and trying to nurse!

Phew. Now, do you think the vet will buy back those syringes full of induction agents? We sure as heck didn’t use them. She went into labor and did it all by herself. She’s more tired than Sally was after birthing, but she’s eating, and standing, and nursing.

Life is good!

Too dark to get a clear pic of both new lambs. Want to leave them alone. Tomorrow is, after all, another day.