Can’t Get Enough of those Lambys!

Sally & Her Boys

Big Twins, Little Twins

Sisters Sharing a Bale

Holly – Mama-to-Be


Seems I can’t get enough of the maternity ward, today.  Holly, who has been so so sick, is acting and eating completely normally. I’m continuing her calcium/vitamins/sugar supplements, though. All systems seem to be go, and with Sally and the lambs in such proximity…well. The Gatorade disappears as fast as I can pour it, I’m dragging gallons of fresh water to the barn, and I think that bale is going to disappear by sunset.

2 thoughts on “Can’t Get Enough of those Lambys!

  1. Lovely! Good to know Holly’s doing better. Over here, indoor lambing season has just started, but we won’t see those for several weeks as it’s way too cold. So we’ll have to wait to see lambs.

  2. Ah, Ruth…better to wait a bit and not worry about freezing coldness! We were worried about it…temps in the teens…then as it warmed up we had “the rains.” Now, it’s mid 70’s – 80 during the day and mild at night. I feel that we’re safer…but hey, I’m a first time sheep-gran!

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