Maybe, Maybe Not

I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of making a cream colored fingertip length cape. Dramatic. But, here on the farm? Mmmm. I’d be daft, don’t you think? It’s just too off season for any natural dyeing. I don’t have a stash of coreopsis, or a trove of indigo…so…I looked into the guest room uh…fleece storage room.

Seems I do have some color, indeed. I have, a couple of GCNI fleeces – these are grey fleeces from Running Moon Farm in Louisiana. I also have a russet colored alpaca blanket from a fellow named Lance who lives with my friends Martha and Randall in Georgia. And, let us not forget that silky long staple GCN from my friend Pat down the road.


There you have the blends. With some adjusting, I think I could bring out the russet in the blend of all three. Though, those rolags of “just color” are pretty lovely. So far, though, the blend of 3 cards much easier, as the GCN is long and silky.

L-R Blend of Color, Blend with Cream, Barberpole of One Ply of Each

All pretty. I am fonder of the darker yarns. But the greyish yarn is so soft. And, and this is a consideration, I would certainly be able to stretch “Lance” a lot further if he made up one-third of the 4500 yards.

Okay. So that’s the predicament. Any help out there?

3 thoughts on “Maybe, Maybe Not

  1. Ah! I’ve decided to take the middle road. Reason? Well, I have two. First off, It’s lighter, and we’re knitting a cape with 3,500+ yards of worsted weight yarn. And second…even though that big ol’ trash bag of alpaca is full…I’m not quite sure that I’ll get the requisite 2, 250 yards out of it. So…option #2…the grey/brown is a 3 fiber yarn…white, gray, and brown. I know I’ll be able to pull it off without begging my friend Martha for another of Lance’s blankets at shearing time.

    PS: I love the one on the left. It’s rich and yummy. The center yarn, though, is nowhere near as grey as the photo would lead you to believe. It’s quite a warm brown. Just nowhere near that rich mmmm of #1.

    Thanks, guys!

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