Prepping for the Ryan Eejits Celtic Cape Along

Gulf Coast Ewe 2010 Raw Fleece

Same GCN Fleece Scoured

I’m sitting on bags of fleece. A KAL came up that I could not resist. Meggie Ryan has designed a fingertip cape, Celtic in design, using her life, the Book of Kells, the Ogham alphabet, etc. How could I not want to own such a thing? Well, the requirements were posted. 4,500 yards of worsted weight, for one thing. Ahem. You non-knitters have any idea how much fleece it takes to spin that much yarn? I figure it’ll be about 5 pounds.

So, I looked at the bags of raw fleece in the studio. I have several that are over 6 pounds. So, I did what any red-blooded spinner would do, I sampled a bit of each. Wash wash card card. I chose “GCN 2010 #4” because she washes up amazingly white. Mindblower.

At the moment, my sink is full of fluff. I need to get the scouring started, and I don’t want to wait a week for the FSM. It’s just too cold. I can get a few ounces done every day and start spinning and start knitting. Overall the fleece appears to be pretty consistent, though I’ll have to blend a bit of this part into a bit of that part to come out “even.”

Hey. FUN!