Chicken Yarn – Tour de Fleece Challenge Day

Chicken Yarn

What do you get when you spin a garbagecan yarn of Merino, Alpaca, Gulf Coast Native, Rhode Island Red, Partridge Rock, cotton and CVM? You get yarn with feathers! This is some soft stuff. I used the downy baby feathers from the Reds (russet) and my Rock (black).

Artemis Wearing Chicken Yarn Stole

This old lady is so patient and good. She enjoys modelling for mama. At 16, she can get away with wearing this!

5 thoughts on “Chicken Yarn – Tour de Fleece Challenge Day

  1. Holy COW that is an awesome cat picture. She looks so surprised, especially with the odd pupils.

    What I want to know is why she’s not chewing on that stole? I mean it’s *chicken-flavored*, for cryin’ out loud.

    Thought of you this last week as the blackberry season has peaked up here. So far I’ve made pie, blackberry fool, syrup, and clafoutis. Probably a bit more than three quarts altogether so far. Well, blackberries and wineberries, which are these sort of weird sticky raspberries. I hear they’re originally from Korea.

  2. Hi Darlin!

    Yes, Artie has interesting eyes. She’s not chewing on it because…well…she is old…an antique, really. She does play with her catnip kittycat, with abandon! But, that’s the drugs. 😉

    Made blackberry ice cream today. Actually, made vanilla ice cream and added blackberry syrup at the last second. Mmm mmm mmm. We have 6 gallons of blackberry wine bubbling away, too!

    I’ve never heard of wineberries. Sound good to me!

    How’s C? Give her a squeeze for me, please.

  3. Ma’s doing fine, and has been out in the studio painting every afternoon as usual. She’s also been eating up the clafoutis, that’s for sure.

    I’ll bet that blackberry wine will be a gorgeous color when it’s done. The wild blackberry harvest up here is compensating for the lack of on-purpose harvesting, since this year we lucked out and got groundhogs, deer, AND rabbits. Who all eat different things, of course (there’s a term for that–niche evolution, or something). So all the cucumbers, beans, pumpkins, squash, beets, lettuce and onion have been nibbled at the bottom by the rabbits, and the tomatoes and peppers have been eaten from the top down by the deer. I’m going to have to completely rethink and remake my fence, which is a big job argh.

  4. Rotten eggs keep deer away. Good reason to have hennies. A dozen eggs, with holes poked in the shells, worked for me. Bunnies. Gah! Groundhogs? Yeee! We have pocket gophers. Little bums. This summer…not much of a garden…too busy making wooden things…and it’s awfully hot. Mizree.

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