Sally & Holly samples tdf10 day 12

These 12 yard samples were spun to help me decide how to get the yarn I want. On the left, Sally*. On the right, Holly. Each fleece was spun worsted weight and bulky. Each 2-ply was spun to catch as much air as possible.

I think that I’m going to go with Holly for the New Zealand Sweater. I’ve started my first bobbinful of singles.

*Here’s a flash…What lamb fleece I had left from last year went into a bag that was mislabeled. I’ve been saying that the grey fleece was Sally’s. But, ahem, I must amend that. See, the sheepesses were shorn a couple of months ago, and their fleece is only about 3/4″ long. Now, sheep lay around, often in the sand, and they are dirty dusty gals. It’s been downright next to impossible to see a difference between the two. Today, while giving them some oats for a treat, I nailed it down. Sally is the blonde.

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