Day 1 of le Tour

Gracie: Scoured Fleece, Roving, and First Singles

After sanding a kitchen’s worth of Southern maple raised panel doors, I got around to carding, pulling roving, and yes, spinning. This photo, aside from being lousy with reflected absorbed and otherwise screwball light, shows some of the fleece that I scoured yesterday, shows what’s left of the roving I pulled after carding my head off, and shows the first bobbin and a bit of singles yarn.

Know that each ball of roving is a quarter of an ounce, and that a full bobbin holds about four and a half ounces, and you can figure out how many balls of roving I pulled today before being able to spin. Yes. I pulled 30 balls of roving. Somewhere over 8 ounces of fleece. Carded with handcards. Mmm. Yes. My shoulders are a little bit sore. There are 9 balls of roving left…and I will get around to them, very soon. The spinning goes like lightning though, compared to the carding. So, in reality, I have to start carding again. Right now. In order to have a good amount to spin tomorrow.

The goal is to have enough 2-ply to finish Tom’s sweater. I’m thinking 22 – 24 ounces. Five four and a half ounce skeins. That oughta do it. Yes. I have a long way to go.

Here’s a close up of today’s yarn.

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