Tour de Fleece Pre-Tour Warmup

Fricke Ready, Willing and Able

Naked Bobbins

Gracie – Raw CVM-Romney

#1 On my Tour To-Be-Spun list. This will be a 2-ply spun to match last year’s Gracie…that I’m using to knit Tom’s sweater. High priority for this years Tour!

Tower of Raw Fleece

Here we have 3 raw fleeces…all Gulf Coast…all from our girls. From the top down:

Holly’s 2009 Lamb Fleece

Holly’s 2010 Fleece

Sally’s 2010 Fleece

New Zealand Merino – about 12 oz

There. That’s that. After I finish Gracie, I’ll move on to Gulf Coast, and then Merino. I have more 1 more Gulf Coast ewe, 2 GCNI (colored Gulf Coast) fleeces, a couple real nice Border Leicester fleeces, a couple pounds of Welsh ewe, and a few pounds of 4 oz hunks of a wide assortment of raw fleeces. But, the Tour de Fleece starts – and ends – with the Tour de France. So…the goals for this month have been set.

Cha cha cha.

Now, if it would just stop raining, I might be able to get some of this fleece scoured – and DRIED!

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