Fiddler’s Mittens – Rose Quinn

Fiddler’s Mittens for Rose Quinn

My grandmother, Rose, came to America on a ship at the end of the 19th Century. The little Irish girl grew into a short narrow woman with thick auburn hair and light blue eyes. She bought her clothes in the children’s department. She was small in stature, with size 4 feet, but her hands were as big as mine. Her hardworking hands were knobby and strong, but softened by creams and lotions. These mitts, she would have loved. Rose mittens for Rosie. Yes, these would have sent her over the moon. 

Rose Quinn Mittens: 82 yards of mohair/wool blend handspun singles, acid dyed, 12 wpi, and a few yards of a similar weight yarn handspun from a handpainted roving. Size 6 and 5 dpns.

One thought on “Fiddler’s Mittens – Rose Quinn

  1. Lovely mitts indeed, and I am a true miyyie afficionado! There is very little in this world that can top the dyeing and spinning of fiber! Knitting is right up there too, and weaving. Color on fiber, its the best!

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