Dark for The Duke


Coreopsis Dyed GCNI: Fine Singles for Sanquhar Knitting

Sanquhar Knitting is traditional regional Scottish knitting. The town of Sanquhar is in SW Scotland, and its knitters are responsible for some fine patterns/designs that may be related to woven designs. The knitting is done with fine yarn on fine needles.

Recently, a group was formed on, wouldn’t you know, Ravelry. Patterns were ordered from SWRI (Scottish Women’s Rural Institute) and sent to some of the group members. These are glove patterns. This type of knitting is often done in black and white in order to show off the fine geometric designs. Here’s a link to Future Museum, where you can get a good look at the gloves we’re making.

Granted, this is not black yarn…however it is my native yarn, overdyed with my state flower. I’m using a fine natural cream single as the counterpoint.