Fleece Study, Part I

navajochurro fleecestudy

Navajo Churro, Cold Soaked for 6 Days

The Raw Wool Lovers, Unite group on Ravelry has been having a Fleece Study. Alice, aka shortsheepshepherd, has coordinated the purchase and distribution of a whole pile of fleeces…a variety of breeds. Last month, we received our first “installment” of 4 samples.

Fleece #1 Navajo Churro, was soaked for 6 days in a tub of cold water. I drained it and sprayed down the fleece when I got an algae bloom. The fiber is fairly coarse, but after the weeklong soak, it’s very clean, with a bit of grease…that, for me, is good for spinning.

navajochurro locks after cold soak

Navajo Churro Locks, Ready to Card

I pulled off some clean locks from the pile of fluff. This stuff is long! I did card a small batt and it’s just lovely.

For the record, this fleece came from breeder Golden Ridge Farm in Vesuvius, Virginia.

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