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Reggie, Combed

I just can’t get my stuff in one sock. I’ll tell ya. I want to wash fleece, but I am bouncing around like crazy. Back from Cocoa (where we played a dance) at 3:30 in the morning. To bed by 4:30. AM. Then it was take care of critters and gardens. Now, it’s pack the instruments in the truck and zip off to Gainesville to play another dance. This is all I could get done. Clean fiber…just needed combing. I started a yarn the other day. May as well add to it, yes?

Ever Get a DWS?


Spindlespun GC and GC Blend

Driving while spindling.  Well, no, I didn’t either. But then, I wasn’t doing both things at the same time. This was a road trip yarn. I’m not in love with this GC blend. Lends itself to lumps and knobs…it really drafts awfully. Ah well, it was a gift. Maybe if I prep the roving it will spin better. Pre-drafting is a good thing.