Spinning CVM, Thinking of a Chicken


CVM/Romney 2-ply, 1/4 oz, 20 yd, 12 wpi

I bought this fleece to make a sweater for Tom. It is so dark brown, it’s almost black. This picture was taken with a flash, so the color is washed out. I’ll take a picture in the morning and add it to this post. The color is so amazing. And soft? Oh, I hope there’s enough for a sweater for me. I’ll lose weight, I’ll get small…whatever it takes. This is some special wool!

Update on the chicks. They are behaving like wild injuns. Wingie was always on them about staying close to her. Well, today, they were venturing out…not just out of their run, but out of the garden completely. We had a hawk scare today too. Three crows swooped in and escorted the hawk away. I think that is pretty amazing!