First Haircut for Holly & Sally


Holly & Sally Hogan Waiting for their Date with Joel the Shearer

Oh what a day this has been. The crack of dawn came all too soon. Every animal was hungrier than usual. And we had to catch 2 wildy gals who have the run of 5 acres, and no we don’t have a ramp or a chute so don’t ask. Between the 2 of us, we got ’em into the back of the truck and drove to Morningside, where they were born.  Here they are, in the little feed pen, waiting for their date with destiny…their first shearing.


Holly in the Shear Position

Now, I do know how much you want to see all the grim details of their shearing. But you get one picture. My girls would be horrified to think of the indignity. Ahem. Actually, Joel the Shearer has been plying his trade since he was 12 years old. His sister is his assistant, and more than able is she. He shears a sheep in about 3 minutes. Flawlessly.


Nekked Holly & Sally Evaluating her Sister’s Haircut (“OMG, I’m Next?!)


Holly Fleece. Smell that Lanolin?

I couldn’t wait to get home and unroll those sheets. I took a couple locks from each fleece to measure, to wash, and to …. SPIN.


Holly & Sally Blend – First “Skein”

I did take pictures of Sally, but I am in a total hurry…more on that in a minute. May it suffice to say that I washed a bit of each fleece, then dried it in the hot afternoon sun, then carded and spun a fine single, and plied it. This mini skein is only 8 yards long. But, ain’t it grand? This is some whisper soft lamby fleece, I tell you. Washed, the locks were over 4″ long. For Florida gals, I believe they did real good.

Now, Tom and I have to drive to Barberville, because we are set to play the last dance, at 10:00 tonight. Right now, we’re fighting over staying overnight. I can’t see it…everyone needs feed and water in the morning. But, it’s 100 miles each way…and we have to play there again tomorrow at noon. What would you do?

One thought on “First Haircut for Holly & Sally

  1. Hi there! I sure love Holly – she has a great name!

    I was wondering if you sell their fleeces? I checked your etsy and didn’t see any listed.
    I am looking for raw fleece.

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