Naturals in Demand


This morning, we were still up in the air about the Farm & Forest Festival coming up this weekend. We knew we were scheduled to play music on Thursday, but we didn’t know what we were going to do with Holly¬†& Sally. The shearer is coming from Alabama, and he will be shearing on Saturday. We are scheduled to be playing at Barberville on Saturday night and on Sunday. It was suggested that we drop the sheep off Friday, and just leave them. No. Nope. Uh uh.

So….after mucho deliberation and a nice conversation with the Morningside gang…we know what we will be doing with the girls. They will get a ride to Morningside early Saturday morning. (Early because the Farm & Forest Festival is about a less mechanized time…no modern stuff is allowed on the farm during the festival.) Joel will shear them in the afternoon. We will take them home. We will drive to Barberville. Ta da.

Oh ha! But…one more thing. Yes…about my natural dyeing. Ahhhh, yes…I guess we did have a conversation about that last year. Oh boy. Well, I dug through my baskets and found some yarns. Some started. Some finished. Some dyed locks. Yay! Coreopsis locks! YAY!

I cabled some¬†goldenrod yarn, reskeined the pokeberry and the marigold, and carded into roving some of the coreopsis locks. I’ve just started spinning that roving. I can’t take my Fricke to the festival, because it looks like something out of the Jetsons. But I can take yarn.


This is Gulf Coast on the bobbin. I have about 50 g of dyed locks. I’ll spin a little 2-ply.

Also, since the Virginia Creeper is going gangbusters…I’m going to be dyeing after dinner. I have Gulf Coast, Corrie/Mohair, and Border Leicester soaking in the bathroom sink. Tune in tomorrow…