Wind and Rain and Wind = Tired Out

4-14-stormy-oaksStormy day. Wind and Rain started last night. The chickens were all at risk. Wind tore off a coop door, blew off a coop roof. We worked in the dark in the lightning resecuring our charges. Finally, there was a break in the storm and we all slept. But, this morning, the wind was back. Couldn’t decide if it was a west wind or an east wind, a north or a south.

Look at this. You decide.


Oak Tree Dancing with the Wind


Oh, what does a spinner do when she can’t sleep? Correct, Queen Friday, she spins. I didn’t want to coax fiber into rolags or roving, I just wanted to spin. I have a 3 oz roll of Gulf Coast Native roving that I pulled a while back. So, there, I had something to work with.

This fiber is so springy, stretchy, that it really looks crummy sitting there on the bobbin. Looks like big fat airy yarn. This is a very fine single. I’ve learned not to spin the GC singles too firmly, the resulting plied yarn will be hard.

This singles yarn will, hopefully, contribute to a wonderfully springy soft sock yarn.

Good stuff can sometimes come out of storms.