Progress on Bulky


April 11 Progress on Bulky Eliza

This is working out pretty well. Carding and spinning in the wee hours before bed, then winding off after I feed the critters in the morning. The peace of spinning late at night, with just the sounds of the night birds as music, is stellar. Serenity. Then, the morning payoff, seeing a finished product from that late night sojourn.

This picture shows the first skein, 78 yd and 5 3/4 oz of Eliza the Border Leicester. The 2nd skein is a 2ply spun from the singles that were left on the bobbins after making the first skein – plus 4 more little balls of roving. This skein is 44 yd 3 1/4 oz. The baggie full of fleece contains the remainder of the first washed pound. Today, after fiddling at the block party, my goal is to card those locks and start spinning the final leg.