That Yarn.


Pheasantfield Farm Border Leicester

I am enjoying working with Eliza’s beautiful fleece. She’s my current pin-up sheep. I swear, I just can’t decide how to spin this first pound. I have 5 3/4 lbs of fleece, here. This morning, I tried bulky. Oh, it’s creamy and good and fuzzy. But the sport weight is just so…oh…knittable, I guess. The fingering weight is just too firm – my fault entirely. This is more than just a blending yarn.

For the record, here’s my update on frost damage. We worked til past dark last night covering tender veggies with styrofoam cups and hay. Mr Weather told us that we could expect 33 degrees. Well, we were socked with 30 degrees. So…that meant early morning sprinklering. We saved all but 6 rows of heirloom green beans. The moon didn’t give us enough light to see them well enough to cover.

Anyway…did the Virginia Creeper get killed? Yes and no. Everything that was climbing up a north wall seems to be burned. But the parts of the plants that are on the ground, or in the trees are fine. Yay! I’m just not ready to go out there and start chopping, because the foliage is just getting around to growing. Not long though…and it’ll be┬áPeach Time!