The Next Chapter


As I make a move towards writing the next chapter, I take one final look back. Here’s the Chocolate Cab resting atop a fresh clean snowy mountain of Border Leicester and feathersoft grey locks of GCNI. The little skein on the right is a test run of 2-ply BL. Even slightly overspun, the yarn has a pearly quality, and a fine fuzziness that I love. I am working on a softer version of this yarn, and I’m spinning more grey singles.

Who knows, I may need to knit more hats and gloves! The weatherman says we are going to take a break from 88 degree days and 60 degree nights. Tomorrow, we won’t see 70, and we’re expecting a frost. This is not making me very happy. All of our pole beans, bush beans, squash, and corn are well on their way. And the potatoes are blooming!

Let me ask you to think warm thoughts….

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