Chocolate Cab Progress & LOOK WHAT CAME TODAY!


Box of Joy

So, I finished spinning the 1st half of the chocowiney handpainted roving. This bobbin contains about 2 oz of mohair blend 30 wpi singles yarn spun w Scotch tension at 12:1. That’s all good…but…look at what’s underneath said bobbin.

That is a big fat giant box of Eliza! Eliza is a Border Leicester ewe raised by Nancy Peters way up there in Maryland.

Last night, we played for the Tampa Old-Time Dance, and this morning, we played for the early dance workshops at Vernals, an annual dance festival, at O’Leno State Park in High Springs. Needless to say, with 3 hours of sleep, I wasn’t exactly bop bop bopping along by the time we got home this afternoon. But, there it was, that big old box, perched up ‘ere on my gate post. Oh honey. I put some potatoes on to boil, fed the cat, brought the fiddles in the house, fed the chickens…and tore into the box!

There is nothing like the smell of raw fleece. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Nancy sent along some samples from some of her other sheep…and one, Gracie, a CVM/Romney lamb, with the most wonderfully soft, chocolate brown fleece…well…she is calling to Tom.

I washed a couple handsful of Eliza…and one of them is dry. Hey, it was about 89 degrees this afternoon. I’m fixin’ to spin it in 5 minutes. Soon as I update my status on Ravelry’s Yarn Everyday group.

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