Daily Spinning

With the crummy weather abounding, I did not, in fact, wash more of the grey GCNI for my current project. Rather, this afternoon, after digging in the garden for about 4 hours, I chopped some bok choi, and poured a nice glass of cabernet sauvignon. “Hm,” said I. “Don’t I have a roving somewhere just this color?”

Sho’ nuff, I did. I do. I said, okee dokey. This is the stuff, for the braid I have is 4 oz, that I should make a pair o socks with. I’m currently knitting 2 pair, and ready to cast on another 2 pair, and there’s one more pair I just have to knit right NOW…but I don’t have any yarn…

You get the picture.


Here’s the first little bit. I split the roving into 4 fairly equal slices…about an oz apiece. Two of these will make up one bobbin, the other two another bobbin. A nice little two ply. This is a corrie/mohair blend. Should wear like iron.

I’m not a big time acid dyer…but, as I blogged some weeks earlier, I ran into an old stash of acid dye and decided to give it a whirl. I don’t enjoy synthetic colors, generally, but, it was like meeting an old friend. We’ll have to have a glass of wine together tomorrow, too.