The Hat at the Dance

The famous hat, designed by Kerry Crone, made from a variety of handspun yarns, was finally finished on the way to the contra dance last night. I was temped to add a bunch of I-Cord oozing out of the top, but figured, let us see how it looks.


This is Patty in The Hat. After a long night of contra dancing, she was happy to model. It’s a nice big squashy hat, and would be fabulous in Minnesota in the middle of a snowstorm. But, in Casselberry (near Orlando) Florida, in an un-airconditioned hall…well.

3 thoughts on “The Hat at the Dance

  1. Bless Patty for being such a cooperative model! 🙂 The hat looks awesome! You’ll have to share pics if you decide to add some i-cord. I think it would look great!

    • Yes ma’am…the Casselberry dance is held at Secret Lake Park Dance Hall. Go to for directions and info on bands and callers and so on…Hope to see you there!!

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