Fresh Garbagecan Yarn! Whoo hoooo!


Here she is. A brand new skein spun from scraps. She’s nestled into a bed of those same scraps…yep, there are plenty more. I’m not sure about this picture. I took it using the flash, something I never do.

This skein has been washed and thwacked and sun dried. The yarn is very soft and fairly fluffy. This worked out to 3 oz and 122 yd.

Now, it’s off-to-find-a-pattern time. Or, off to design one, anyway. I was thinking a cowl. Well, last week, I was thinking a cowl. We had three nights of frost last week. Tomorrow, the weatherman predicts a high of 82 and a low of 47…the lowest temp predicted over the next 10 days. Maybe a bikini top?

2 thoughts on “Fresh Garbagecan Yarn! Whoo hoooo!

  1. Very nice, indeed! But too itchy for a bikini top. I’m thinking Baby Surprise Jacket with my resulting yarn (because I just finished one and want to do more!). Such a good cause, and so nice and easy!! Spin the rest of your pile and you’ll have plenty!


  2. Ah…the Baby Surprise Jacket! I don’t have that pattern, but I love it. How many yards does it take? Oooo. That would be perfect, wouldn’t it?

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